What’s in a Name?

A name is more than just a means by which to identify things or people or even a way to differentiate one thing from the other.

Names carry meaning and are often given according to purpose, function, circumstances of conception or even destiny.

Naming a family pet, a child or even a brand can be a big deal because not only will that name last, but it is the label by which they will be always be known. Understandably, much thought is given before naming something because changing it later can often be far more problematic.

Case in point: Years ago I went through the arduous process known all too well to gamers the world over – choosing my gamer tag. It is by this name that the online gaming community will forever know me.

Bowing to my ignorance of how to set this up, I left the great responsibility to a dear friend and went to prepare dinner. On the announcement that he’d accomplished said task, he gleefully told me that my name was now Mrs. Crispy Cake and all the information was saved.

I laughed it off but as time passed I realised the complications that such a name online would bring but the name has stuck.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mrs. Crispy Cake.

I wanted a name which not only sounded good but really encapsulated what I wanted my business to be about…

I say all of this because it is the process I went through before landing on Faithful Imagery as the name of my business. I knew from the outset that I didn’t want to use my own name; too many people did that already and not only did I want to be different but I wanted it to be bigger than just me.

I knew early that I wanted to leave room for growth, with the later intention of working with other talented image creators under a single banner. Also, JC Photography or any other variation just sounded lame.

I wanted a name which not only sounded good but really encapsulated what I wanted my business to be about and in my searching, I found my inspiration in the bible.

As a student many years ago, when faced with coursework or assignment deadlines, I would pray. I’d ask for wisdom, peace, focus, and inspiration.

Now, words didn’t just magically appear on the page (I’d still have to put the work in) but I found that I was far more settled, energised and even inspired than I was before.

As a thank you, I’d write in size 6 font ‘Lamentations 3:33′ at the bottom of my last page.

It’s a bible passage which reads,

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Remembering this, I knew the name I wanted to use: FAITHFUL. I carried it for some time, turning it over and over in my mind to see if it stuck and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

According to Dictionary.Com, the word Faithful means, “constant, loyal imply qualities of stability, dependability, and devotion. Faithful implies long-continued and steadfast fidelity to whatever one is bound to by a pledge, duty, or obligation”.

I liked it for several reasons.

The first being God’s faithfulness towards me and the second being the way I wanted to operate as a business.

In my dealings with people over the years, I am still astonished at how fickle and unreliable people can be. I have lost countless photography jobs because people do not honour their words.

I decided this is not the way I wanted to work and wanted to be a business that was known for being dependable to clients and providing excellent images through a fun and memorable shooting experience.

I also like it because of the associations with the weddings I would shoot too.

The name evolved slightly over time. I originally called myself Faithful Media until I realised how broad that is so I changed it to Faithful Imagery which was more fitting with my skillset.

Now, that is the name written on my business cards, compliments slips and other materials which I will use.

I like it.

It is mine and it is a name which doesn’t merely sound good but holds me accountable too.

Calling myself this not only forces me out of complacency but encourages me to work hard so that the name Faithful is reflected in everything I do.

Until the next time ?