Laura and Jennie

“How far should a person go in the name of true love?”

– Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

Speaking as a single person who is NOT in that situation, I often find myself asking this question and never coming up with a definitive answer. Would I be willing to forego personal comforts and conveniences and uproot in the whimsical pursuit of ‘true love’? Would I be willing to travel far from my home, away from family and friends to some unknown place in order to invest in a relationship? And am I willing to bare the inconvenience and cost in order to be with a woman with whom the outcome is not certain?

Truthfully? Right now, in the cosy summer warmth of my home on peaceful Sunday afternoon, I’d be tempted to answer in the negative. I’m happy and I’m content. I have everything I need and life just…works, but who knows? Months / years from now, I may be writing something entirely different.

I write all of this in true hat-tipped admiration of Laura, who a little over 7 months ago, did exactly that in order to purse true love.
Laura is one of my oldest and most enduring friends since moving to the Midlands 15 years ago and in those years, we have weathered heart-breaks, hospital visits, bereavements and disappointments. We have grown together; sharing the highs, lows and mundane moments that life offers and become better friends as a result.

We have created and collected countless memories, many of which we still haunt us / make us laugh to this very day and often, we wonder how we managed to get out of the scrapes that we did. I remember the police stops, the brutal play-fights, the inappropriate jokes told during our many hospital visits, the countless cinema trips and Subway meals eaten atop a rocky wall overlooking our local reservoir. I remember late night visits and walks in the rain as she poured out her heart following the latest tragedy while I listened, not knowing how to help. I also remember milestones – her 18th birthday and the palaver of driving her home following a night on the town. I also remember the day she told me she was gay.

In all of this, I have felt somewhat lucky; privileged to be invited beneath the shallows of her life to know the depths – the real and inner workings of my friend.

When she told me about Jennie (a woman she met in Ireland) I was sceptical, not because I didn’t approve, but because it was all so sudden but Laura was happy; happier than I’d seen her in some time and spoke of Jennie with a giddy excitement.

Fast forward a few months and Laura had definitively answered the title question. “How far should a person go in the name of true love?” Clearly to Ireland as Laura announced she was moving to pursue her relationship with Jenny. More than 7 months on and she’s still there, very much in love and looking forward to many more years of memories, growth and adventures.

This couple’s session was a tribute to my friend, who continues to challenge the safe and cosy confines of my comfort zone in the pursuit of the one her heart loves.

Thanks for a fun session Laura and Jennie. Wishing you beautiful ladies, nothing but the very, very best.


Until the next time 

PS: Laura, notice how mature that was? Love you!