‘DUST’ is a collection of images from my very popular photography series available now in an 80-page¬†softcover print format!

About the book
About the book

Having been inspired by similar images I saw online, I was instantly captivated by the sense of movement and explosive energy that emanated from them. So much so that I wanted to experiment and create my own set of dynamic images.

With the original intention of only shooting 3 – 5 models over a single weekend, the project rapidly evolved along with my love for the results the models and I were producing.

This book is a visual testament to that evolution, with 24 models photographed over 8 weeks.

I didn’t select and place each image here because they were perfect; far from it. I placed them because from each one, I learned lessons. Whether I learned the best settings on my camera with which to capture flour particles or I learned the best way to throw the flour so it impacts the model in just the right way, for me this is a book of lessons and of memories.

Each image reminds me of the fun I had in creating my own set of explosive and dynamic images.

As you look through this book, not only do I hope you enjoy it, but I really hope it inspires you to go out and create some of your own.


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