Be Prepared

Preparation is everything. We’re taught this from an early age and we’re reminded of this as we grow up.

Sometimes we heed the advice given, apply it and enjoy the bountiful rewards and other times, we ignore it and let hindsight teach us some very difficult lessons. Preparation is the difference between leaving 30 minutes early and arriving at your destination with time to spare and leaving late, speeding and accruing driving penalties. It is the difference between charging my phone for the day ahead and being stuck in the middle of nowhere without the ability to call for help.

In regards to photography and my own experience, it is the difference between a fun and peaceful shoot and a stressful and angst ridden shooting experience. I have come to the conclusion that when on a shoot, whatever may go wrong probably will go wrong so I may as well invest some time in advance and prepare.

I have shot weddings where my SD Cards have run out of space I’ve resorted to sending friends out to get some more. I have shot weddings where I packed dead batteries, bulbs have blown, I’ve got stomach cramps because I am hungry and most recently, my newly hired Moss Bros trousers ripped a hole so big they had to be thrown away. Creatively however, most frustratingly of all is when I drive home and all of a sudden, I think of all the shots I didn’t take.

I am forever in her debt.

All of these are lessons to learn and now I make time to really prepare. I take the time and brainstorm all the shots I want to take in a notebook and tick them off as I shoot. I pack several SD Cards and place them in my kit bags. As well as Duracell batteries (believe me, it’s worth spending the extra money), spare lightbulbs, extra clothes, good shoes, pain relief medication, and protein snack bars are now a staple part of my kit.

Every shoot will come with its own unique set of challenges but the trick is learning to foresee them and prepare appropriately so as to not get caught with your pants down.

Oh, and in regards to the ripped trousers, let’s just say a beautiful angel swooped down, made some calls and ordered some new ones which were hand delivered to me personally. I am forever in her debt.


Until the next time